Hi, I'm Almer Bosma a physical therapist trained in the Netherlands. I've been working with national athletes and (inter)national football players for several years.

My physical therapy clinic VeelBeter is located in Almere in the Netherlands.

Obsessed with the human body, I learn something new every day. 

This site was created to give a scientific view about what works and what doesn't, trying to clear out the misunderstandings and unfounded claims of grandmothers remedies.

Almer Bosma

Nowadays everybody is focused on training en getting the best results. There are countless sites writing about training schedules, sexy exercises and healthy recipes but non of them talk about recovery. 

Without recovery there is no progress, you will not become bigger/faster/stronger. If you don't rest and eat enough being burnt out or suffering a injury can be the consequence. 

If you want to become better and see lots of progress you will have to focus on the things you do and eat after training. Invest time and money in various recovery modalities to beat the competition!

Contact: info@recoveryaftertraining.net